Out of the Gallery, into the Real World

Well what can I say, my title ^^ is as much about the completion of my masters degree as it is about the great ‘returns’ I have received via email over the past weeks.

Such varied results. I’m entertained by them and I hope you will find them interesting as well

“I was shaking the clay squash to the beat in my head like it was a percussion instrument just a short distance from the museum when it broke in my hands. Dug the exhibit tho!”


The real world is often a struggle with pavement; we can hope that the rains will wash the seeds into the cracks and germinate there.

Here is another ‘traditional’ approach to planting:

“So I was out of town for a little while and neglected my seed bombs. However, yesterday I put one in my (SMALL) garden, right next to my vegetable plants. It started to rain so my seed bomb is on its way! I also gave one to my mother and she sent me a picture of the collapsed bomb in her garden! I’ve attached two pictures of my bomb. Hopefully my mother will take some pictures and I will forward them to you.”

photo-1 photo(9)

Lookin good! This little garden is adorable. And I love to see the clay cracking around the edges and starting to break down!

Here is another account:

“My amazing friend Mama Lula holding a seed bomb made by Rebecca Verrill for her SUNY New Paltz MFA thesis show “Borrowed.” Viewers of Rebecca’s show were encouraged to take a slip cast raw clay seed bomb in the shape of a vegetable and activate it somewhere out in the world. Rebecca asked that the process be documented in some way. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place for Rebecca’s remarkable sculpture than Mama Lula’s beautiful garden in Anacostia (Washington, DC). I just happened to be in DC hanging the HV Seed Library show this week. I’ll be back in DC at the end of the month to take down the show. That will give me a chance to check in with Mama Lula and the sculpture.”


Thanks for the feedback to those of you who have shared your stories and pictures thus far! Looking forward to hearing from many more of you. I will post then as I receive. Happy planting, and Happy June to everyone!

Also, if you are in the Hudson Valley of NY or in Southern Maine and did not get your fill of seed bombs, have no fear, I have extras in both locations. Send me a message if you are in desperate need of any. I will do my best to get some to you!