Back to my Roots

If you have been following my journey in clay so far you likely know how important it is to me have an understanding of  where my materials come from, as much as what happens to them over time.  So perhaps it comes as no big surprise that I too, like the materials I admire so much, have returned to my own source. Since completing grad school and a 12 year hiatus away, I moved back to my home-state, The Great State of Maine!  Fitting, right?

And with a new home must come a new studio! I am happy to say that I am currently a resident artist at Bayside Clay Center at Running With Scissors Art Studios in Portland, Maine.


My Dad and I built this spiffy work bench from plans we found here.  I really enjoy how it has helped to maximize small space for tool storage and working. How did I end up with so much stuff? The sweet vintage stools were conveniently waiting for me in my parent’s barn for all these years.

So the studio that I am now part of is associated with a larger group of artists who have become like family to me. I am fortunate to have found this space. Here is a little story about how I came about to be here:

Portland, Maine is where I now call home, a community supportive of the arts and home to over one third of the entire state’s population. When I began my quest for a studio space in the area, I was in no position to rent out and retrofit a large space on my own to set up a studio and gallery, as exciting as that might have sounded at the time. I came across the Running With Scissors community by some strange miracle of Google searches in the night, in a grad school induced haze.. I sent an email to see what this place was all about, and just about a year ago came to visit the current studio space, which was a large gutted building with some blueprints on the wall and a strong vision.

Joining the Running with Scissors community and setting up my ceramic studio within the East Bayside neighborhood of Portland has been the most consistent and rewarding creative aspect of my life since I returned to Maine. Having a creative family to share with, celebrate, encourage, support and grow with is something that we all could use. I am fortunate to have found this community and believe that in troubled economic times such as these, we all need to band together to make big strides and move forward together.


Running With Scissors is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help our studios grow and provide some pertinent pieces of equipment like a spraybooth, a ventilation system, a table saw and more. If you have the time to check it out and are even willing to donate or share this story with your friends and family, I am truly grateful!


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